About Therapy

At the present time, and until further notice, all counselling sessions are to be conducted either on zoom, face time or on the telephone.  These remote sessions will preserve confidentiality.  I will review this decision periodically as and when I feel safety can be achieved for clients.  Consequently, it is not my intention to place clients at risk whilst our future with Covid 19 remains uncertain and looks likely to remain so for most of 2022.  Should our remote link be lost mid session for any reason, I will contact you on the telephone to resume our session.

I practice with an integrative model of therapy. I respect that everyone’s problems are very complex and unique and therefore believe that a flexible approach has the potential to meet a client’s particular needs at any given time during the therapy, with an acknowledgement that these needs may change during the time we are working together and my therapy model adjusts accordingly.

Work can be short, medium or long term, with regular reviews.

I work within the BACP Ethical Framework and Good Practice.

Sessions are confidential and this will apply to any records which are kept in accordance with Data Protection Act (Registration ICO no: ZA112161)